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Given a collection \(C\) of curves in the plane, the arrangement of \(C\) is the subdivision of the plane into vertices, edges and faces induced by the curves in \(C\) Constructing arrangements of curves in the plane is a basic problem in computational geometry. Applications relying on arrangements arise in fields such as robotics, computer vision and computer graphics. Many algorithms for constructing and maintaining arrangements under various conditions have been published in papers. However, there are not many implementations of (general) arrangements packages publicly available. We present an implementation of a generic and robust package for arrangements of curves that is part of the CGAL library.

Application—Polygons Boolean Operations

An intersection of polygons created with the covering_DFS function on the arrangement, and a union of circles created with the same function (the generating programs can be found in software distribution in Iddo Hanniel’s site.




Iddo Hanniel

Yair Oz - Webcreator


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