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High Quality Conservative Surface Mesh Generation for Swept Volumes

We introduce a novel and efficient technique to generate a high quality mesh that approximates the outer boundary of a swept volume (SV). Our approach comes with two guarantees. First, the approximation is conservative, i.e. the swept volume is enclosed by the output mesh. Second, the one-sided Hausdorff distance of the generated mesh to the swept volume is upper bounded by a user defined tolerance. Exploiting this tolerance our method produces an anisotropic mesh which nicely adapts to the local complexity of the approximated swept volume boundary. The algorithm is two phased: a initialization phase that generates a conservative voxelization of the swept volume, and the actual mesh generation which is based on CGAL’s Delaunay refinement Implementation.

This is a joint project with the Group for Algorithmic Geometry and Computer Graphics, at the University of Mainz.


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Andreas von Dziegielewski
Michael Hemmer

Yair Oz - Webcreator


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